Xeron My Personal Website

Hello to everyone,

website link: https://xeron.co/

i am currently working on my personal site to showcase my projects and start a blog about my dev and other tech related things

I would like some feedback on the Design.

I also want to know how well it work on multiple screens size and browsers.

Feed Guide:


appreciate your feedback 😄

*all the current info/content is filler

I do like the look of it, simple to navigate so far and to find what you need, forums look nice and simple to follow as well

Looks good! Very organized and formal, although I think I’ve already seen the same color and fonts in another website. It’s your choice to change it or not, no stress!
(oh and nice assassins creed/ sackboy lol)


Oh and also a few typos, instead of “project” you wrote “porject” under “Web and App development”

@Mohenjo Daro

thank you, i am happy that it easy for people to navigate

@Sekiguchi Okitsugu

i went with my favorite color blue , but i tweak the colors and font to try and make a bit more unique

i do know i have a few typos but for now i am focusing on the layout and code.
the content/text will be correct it before it’s 100% done but yea thanks for noticing

Looks good, did you use a template?
Your navigation bar gets all the way to the left after it’s fixed at the top of the page.

no am not using a template, i fix that nav width , i had set width and had forgotten to update the fix nav in the css 😄

I really like this. Excellent job! ^_^

It could almost pass for a squarespace website.

But- is that Times New Roman as your font?! shudder

Don’t know if that is a compliment or an insult,  but thanks anyways.

I am using Crete round,  whats wrong with times new Roman.

Times New Roman doesn’t read well.

If you ever want to use a font for anything online, go with Georgia- it was specifically designed to be read on a computer screen.

And it was both. Squarespace is both functional and sleek but also far too common and boring.

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