Could someone make the background transparent for me?

i can’t seem to find any softwares(that work) to make an image’s background transparent. please make these images’ background transparent, otherwise tell me any good softwares.

thanks people,
Seki :3

oh and if it is not cropped when you save it, please crop it. thanks!

Took me 10 seconds to make these two has transparent background using


hmmmmm your good bro.



I’m still new to pixel art. let me show you how to make sprite has transparent background.

Pic 1

First open up your sprite on and click one the magic wand (i point it with black circle), next set the tolerance to 0% and set the flood mode to that pic (first you will see it has lamp icon, change it to world icon)

Pic 2

After you set that point the magic wand at the white background and click it, it will looks like that and then cut it.

Pic 3

Voila, you just removed the white background! 🙂
Do this to all items,sprites,paperdolls that has white background 😄 goodluck!

sorry what was the website again?

to download it?

I made 2 programs (one has more features) to make tons of backgrounds transparent. You can download them from my signature 🙂 (They’re in the Misc part)

Thanks mohenjo, but i’ll use for now. thanks anyway!

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