Help with sounds and Music, Skywyre v8

Hello, i have been working with skywyre v8 to make my game and everything compiles fine but the menu and map music do not play, nor the button sounds. nor any sound?
i cant seem to figure out why. my system volumes are all turned up. and i have sound turned on as well.
im using the version that is up for download right now and i have not changed anything. does anyone else not have sound?
m i missing something here?
wheni run the eclipse worlds 2.0 it runs with midi sound and button hover and click sounds
but i looked at the code and it is done differently then in skywyre.
anyway im wondering if anyone right now is working with skywyre and might know why im having this problem?

I want to say skywyre uses mp3. Are you using midi or mp3 sounds?

i have mp3 and ogg
but i just had a smoke and thought about my problem more.
the sound works now. it seems it doesnt work when i run from the compiler, but if i compile the project then run it seperatly it works.
sorry im new at this

will ogg work? i havnt tried yet

I’ve tried .ogg and it’s working smoothly xD

I just tested it on my client, yes, ogg will work 🙂

yeah!! working and sounding beautifully now

If I recall correctly SkyWyre uses a sound library that… has some issues with the way the VB6 Debugging process works. Basically, to get around this and not crash your editor every other time you debug your application it disables your sound when debugging. The compiled executable doesn’t have this problem.

thank you, good to know.
im just searching forums for tutorials now. trying to learn more ^^
feels like im going thru blacked out federal reccords looking for UFOs….

Trust me, UFOs would be easier to find XD

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