Skywyre-Looking for weapons paperdolls !

Hey guys!

Well I was looking at the forum and all links seems to be lost :s So i desperatly seek for a HUGEEE package of Paperdolls and most at all Weapons Paperdolls πŸ™‚ (I use rmxp format)

If someone wants to share his ressources i’d be so greatfull!


Little chance people would share/give their Paperdolls. Just make your own bro πŸ˜„ It’s not that hard.

yes, miharukun is right. ive looked all over the internet for some paper dolls too, and couldnt find any weapon paperdolls. a way to create your own is use the default paperdolls on the engine as template, then from there make your paperdoll sprites! if you need to learn pixel art, google it, im sure there is good guide to learning pixel art!


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