Damage balanced

Hello, So here came near the end of my project I started to make weapons, NPCs, the damage , but I can not assayed fixed damage. When I type that I always -2 -8 -27 -4 -3 then its troubles me greatly as I can not therefore balanced here I would like to know if there is a way , I use Skywyre v7 , Thanks in advance.

You got team viewer?

The damage algorithm adds a random value between 1 and 20 after it calculates a value based on strength/weapon base damage/level.
If you want to get rid of it, look in modCombat (server side) for “+ rand(1, 20)” and remove every instance of it (or even better, adjust the damage algorithm into something you’d be happy with).

Take backups before making source edits. ~

Ok this is resolved thanks.

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