I still think the download is very messy. I could NOT find a Version where i can edit the Sourcecode and greate a game like promised on IndieDB.

Would anyone please be kind enough to link me an actual download link with the engine, source edible and Working to be exported too, just like promised?

Thanks ~Ethaseo

It’s at the bottom of the main thread post. Download v9 and get started 😄
You can edit the source in the version supplied as well.

Eclipse Origins Launcher.exe and the other one are not able to update. Also where is the source located then?

Thanks so far

Hmmmm. There’s no such file in the Skywyre Engine. Just in case, here’s the download link:

The source is located in project files via Visual Basic 6. You’ll need Visual Basics 6 Enterprise Edition to edit and compile the source.

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