For months we have been letting free advertising happen with our banner system, however it is our fault. The banner system is meant to display games for a decent amount of time to catch visitor and member’s eyes to bring them to your site, and despite our low amount of activity, people still see those advertisements, so we will be requiring payment for them again starting tomorrow. I will be replacing all banners with a placeholder image.

Featured Spot - $20 per month
Want to help support Eclipse Origins, but get the most out of your banner? Your banner will be featured on all pages of Eclipse, and will appear twice on the slideshow on the homepage. You must provide an image and a link.

Slideshow - $10 per month
Your banner will appear once during the slideshow on the front page. You must provide an image and a link.

To purchase one of the above, click the donate now link below, and send the amount. DO NOT purchase the “Featured Spot” if it has a line through it, as it has already been purchased, and will be available next month. Once you send the payment, message me (@Link) your banner link and website link. Your month will not start until I add your banner and link to the slideshow.

Don’t own a game or project, but want to support Eclipse Origins?
Donate Now

Regardless if you buy a banner or donate, you will receive the Donator rank. All proceedings will go towards site expenses! Thank you.

Questions? Comments? Feel free to message @Link.