Some of my old Graphics. (Image heavy)

Hello all just wanted to show off some of my old work. wonder if some of you still remember me from 2007-08



Sprites/Pixel Art





This was for a Tutorial in shading.

Wow, this all looks really awesome! Very fun to look at, thanks for sharing. 🙂

Thanks man its some really old work thinking of starting Tales of Saga back up. But not too sure yet as over the years I’ve got alot better lol

That logo is so dope!
maybe could you make a simple logo for me? 😄


That logo is so dope!
maybe could you make a simple logo for me? 😄

I could do m8 pm me some details you need 🙂

I died at “Experiance” XD

These are really nice; are you still working on this project? ^_^

no it went back in that days of konfused lol
but i am thinking of restarting 🙂

Few basic tips: stay away from emboss and pure black strokes. Instead use a basic gradient and a stroke with a darker tone than the darkest tone in the layer itself. Also don’t add stroke to everything, it ruins their beauty.

Thanks for the reply m8 I’ll take that in mind haha I haven’t done any in along time these are over 8 years old I don’t use stroke as much now too as I agree m8.

Wow dude, thanks so much for posting these – what a blast from the past. If you have anything more you should definitely post (even the less flattering ones :P)!

Sent you a quick email note too, nice to see you’re still around. 🙂

i wanna server + client this game

Haha chrono!!! Very long time 10+ years!!! Lol dropped you a reply email man.
Iloveworld I still got the old client and server knocking about somewhere… lol

I want to experience and publish it for friends

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