What is Orake?

Orake is the new free to play MMORPG! In Orake there are many things to do, you wont even know were to start. First off there are so many skills to leveling up, mining, fishing, Cooking, Gathering and so much more. You wan to slay Ghost and other players? Thats where the " BoneYard " comes in. Fight or defeat other players and getting all of there stuff this can get you loads of money and experience but at the same time it is very risky cause once you die everything that you are carrying on wealth belongs to the other person, But wait this isn’t the only thing you can do! You can also go on epic quest’s and adventures with your friends fighting and defeating bosses together! You can also earn tokens from mini-games and unlock various amounts of cool things with the tokens such as Armour, Weapons , and more! You adventure starts now!

Whats so good about the pvp?
-Every wepon has it’s own rage attack
-use drinks/spells to Buff yourself
-fight in single zones for 1v1 or multi for clans
-Lots of combo K.o’s to eliminate your enemys
-Minigames (ctf)

THIS GAME IS READY FOR BETA RELASE*** I’m now going to start advertising now. When i see people are interested in it I’m putting the server up.


Subscribe, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ7ihzO2HU2oveqW6-d5eNQ
Add on facebook, https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009287401026

You can add pictures by uploading them, here is where you can www.imgur.com
Copy the url of the image and post it like this

![](Image url)

As for videos, if you have them on youtube, just copy the url and post it like this [please someone correct me if I’m wrong]
YT Video URL

for videos it would be video=youtube ]http://youtube.com/watch?v=XXXXXXXXXXXX

i tried just shows x pick doesn’t open

send the imgur pic link 🙂

Here you go

Here is a screenshot how you should do it.

im doing it idk wtf im doing wrong 😧

You linked to this: http://imgur.com/rJDnwOG which isn’t the image, it’s a webpage. You need to get the URL of the image on the page, which in this case is: http://i.imgur.com/rJDnwOG.png

Right Click on the image -> Copy image adress or Copy Image Location, depends on what browser you’re using.

so what u guys think of the game xD

Nice graphics! Is eclipse the only place your posting this on? because if you want more people to be interested, you should put this game up on other sites, or tell your friends! Otherwise, looks great!


thanks, what website you think i should throw it on? im releasing the game on june 15th, if i get alot support then sooner,

I don’t know, but you could always google “websites to advertise my game”. Your bound to find one there. Did you make those graphics?

Some where free, and others i got of a friend that bout them of somewhere, then customized them alot, i started this game like a year ago, gave up on it because it was very buggy, but all the bugs are fixed now and its time to release it 😄

wow looks great, reminds me alot of runescape 2007

I loved rs, In my game a bug part of it is PvP im trying to bring back some nice pvp take other players stuff, just like the old pk days xD
Rage bar= resembles the special bar
Each weapon has its own Rage attack.


Anyway, my advice is to improve your Interface

The game looks fun, but it looks a bit small if you get more than 20 players imo. Are there plans to expand the world if you get enough players? I will definitely give this a try 😄

Sounds weird for me to say, but I’m really proud of this project and projects like this. It’s so great to see people following through with their ambitions and making something of what’s left here. Great job and I support you all the way.

Thankyou, and their alot of maps already, i didn’t show them all. And if you look at the mini map you will see to buttons on the sides, this is because This game is planned to be way way way bigger, but for now its big enough to have a lot of players on it having fun, Thanky guys!!! 😄 and yes Sherwin xD my clan tag is “sex” xD

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