Donation Goal [New site]

Hello community,

The reason I’m making this post is that I’m making a donation goal to help pay for the new website (part of it anyway) I’ve already paid for the actual artwork, but due to change of plans the site will also have to be re-designed and as for the progamming portion that still needs to be paid although it’s not complete(but near the finish). The website will cost 150$ my goal is to see if the community can help raise half of that…and the other half of which I’ll pay myself. I’m still learning to work on the site myself, but right now there’s no need to stop current plans and development that’s already half way done.

If you’re willing to donate it would be much appreciated but if you can’t that’s also ok.

So our goal is to raise 75$ to help pay for the programmer’s work. I’ll also update the amount we’ve reached and who has paid towards that goal. If you’re not already in the group you’ll be added to the contributer group and you’ll also be placed on a page on the new site for people who’ve helped contribute to the new site’s creation (where you’ll remain permenantly)

Contributor group.
Name placed in the “Hall of creation”

Goal: 240/75$

Marsh (75$)
Benjo (75$)
Matthew (30$)
Oreo (20$)
Jcsnider (20$)
God (20$)

If you want to contribute any bit will help. You can donate here:

Donation Page

Please message me if you donated along with the amount and email so that I can add update the list properly.

Edit: Thanks to all current contributions. All donations are still welcomed and appreciated!!

Thank you,


But lets try to blow that goal out of the water. Link as poured a lot of his money into this site already.

I’ll throw in some money on my next paycheck.

Donated some, got more coming, going to try match marsh so it covers a chunk of the needed amount. I honestly think we can smash that goal and help Link out more as a community. Link’s poured loads into eclipse and lets pay back!

Donated. Happy to help keep this place going.

If I donate- will I get my name in the Hall of Creation? I’m thinking the joke alone would be worth it.

“Hall of Creation”


I’m laughing right now, literally.

Shut up and take my money! Donated.

Donated $20.

I feel like I’ve been here long enough that I have a moral imperative to give something back- I generally have this rule, 1 hour of fun = £1 = value, but Eclipse has given me a lot more fun than that over the years- if I had to donate a equivalent amount I would probably have to get a loan. From chatting about mundane shit in the chatbox, to getting to know members and talking on Skype. I do love this community, even if the people are always changing and shifting.

I want to do my part to help get Eclipse to it’s next evolution.

Also, the joke is too good to resist.

Don’t give me the donator tag though- anyone can buy that, the veteran tag is a symbol of 5+ years on the site, it has more value to me.

Wow! The donation goal was reached quite quickly.

Appreciating all the donations. I wasn’t expecting people to keep going past the goal, it really lifts a heavy load and will help with other things for the site as well. Thanks peeps.

Also I hate to double post, but for this occasion I had to. I’d like to thank God for helping the community :'D

If you pray hard enough, miracles happen.


God works in mysterious ways.

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