in other news,

Oh my fucking god this is the best thread ever. Also love how Matthew knows how much I hate my name not done correctly (He purposely did Tehdoug instead of TehDoug on league too ). Keep this going. Wish I had the PS talent to join in on this.

Lol best thread I’ve seen since I’ve joined:D

Rofl this keeps getting better and better. I’m so glad this is a thing.

Heads up everyone, I just found this leaked image of the new Eclipse Space Garage.

They are actually attempting repairs because the space base was programmed in vb6.

Hahahaha these just get better and better xD

Exclusive behind the scenes photos of Link developing the new engine on the Eclipse Space Garage.

xD love how chris fucked up my name even more, ben jo lmfao. TBF Seth needs some j’s on his feet boys… Don’t like doing him like that.

Not to be a spoil sport, and TBH I haven’t seen any yet, But please keep it within the rules (I’m hinting at blatant racism or really hurtful stuff if using someones real life picture. If we can keep it clean nobody gets told off and the thread can stay for ever. Remember its only a joke too so if someone manages to find a picture of you there’s no reason to get salty over it ;).

Who’s going to start the next picture?

BeNjO Got an exclusive interview with Yuko!

I’m too lazy to take a picture of mine, but it’s a '15 CR-V. This is the closest to a picture you guys will be getting, sorry my legs aren’t sorry.

Haha, love this thread!

lol keep going people!

Ok so I guess nobody else drives.

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