How to do guilds?
I went to server, here’s what it looks like:

So I typed this stuff in, but when I used the item, didn’t work. how do I make items that create guilds!?

Just make a item in number 21 and called it “Guild Pass” to make Guild, the cost set to 1 (cost means how many items number 21 required to make a guild) and also i set 0 for both join because we didn’t need anything to join the guild xD

ok thanks

actually still not working

could you please just show a picture of what you typed?

i think it might be a bug. im using skywyre v9


This setup here means item number 3 needs to be “Guild Creation Voucher” or similar

the cost of 1 means you only need 1 in inventory to create the guild

with this item number 3 in your bag type “/guild make (guildname) (guildtag)” in your chat box to create the guild

use “/guild help” for a list of all commands for guild administration

I have this working in Skywyre v9 just fine

ah its working now thanks

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