Share your wallpaper!

Share your current wallpaper! Bonus points for original works.

I made this one myself.


I made this one myself.

Very snazzy

Right now, I have

I might like Fire Emblem a bit too much

Before that, I used (just to keep this small-ish)



Before that, I used (just to keep this small-ish)


I like this one a lot. saved for later

Here’s mine. For the past 3 years my wallpaper on all my devices has been different pictures of the same mountain.

didnt create tho:

Yep, its a custom job.

Funny enough…
This is my desktop background

And… I didn’t make it by myself

my previous ipad wallpaper:

not mine ^.^

Not mine either 😛

Fixed it for you Vus 😛

So did I. At the same time probably haha, oh well


didnt create tho:

Seriously? Damn! xD We have the same wallpaper.

P.S because that anime, my name is always be Miharu in every game or forum or etc. 😛

Custom folder icons…. but not custom wallpaper. Do I still get the bonus points?  😛

Not my work, but a nice job by Trinexz from Deviant Art… love the background behind Kirito 🙂

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