I bring here as promised Wing MMORPG Maker for everyone.  Finally!

Wing MMORPG Maker is nothing more than the source code of Wing Of Misadventure project.  An adaptation or transformation of RPG Maker VX Ace an MMO Maker potential.  What will ensure that everyone can develop your MMOs with the stability and security that such games really need. Basically, all who love MMOs now have a super ally by your side! And for those who are studying game programming, look there, there 's no better source. 😉

Basically, it is unlike any online base you have ever seen.  This includes Netplay’s Eclipse Origins, Elysium and CIA.  That why Wing Of Misadventure was initially a REAL game and TESTED online for months, without incurring in any problem or security invasion.  With unique systems and unlimited possibilities.

Well, there is a lot of complexity in creating the WOM project.
The server is developed in C #, and goes along with the Game.exe also developed in C #.
There is a DLL called WOM 32 developed in C ++ that brings some new features and methods for the use of ruby and script within the RPG Maker, besides the actual script in Ruby that was almost COMPLETELY MODIFIED.

I looked at the source-code, it doesn’t seem to be properly coded in OO programming. I also think RPG Maker VX is really old now, might want to look into moving it to MV.

seemed promising this project

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