How do i get EO3

I want to play with EO3 but i don’t know where to get it.

It’s linked in my signature

I now have another problem i get
The program can’t start because DX8VB.Dll is missing

Did you install the runtimes? Those are at the top of the site and in my signature

I did do that but no luck

Top at the site it says “Eclipse Runtime Download”, once you click the link it will download the runtimes for you. I normally put it in my client, since it doesn’t work anywhere else I put it. Normally I get a problem, for example it says “DX8VB.Dll is missing”, so i just click the “uninstall” program, then re-install runtimes again and it starts working.

I fixed the dll error but i have a new error when i start up EO3 client i get this [run-time error ‘-2005530516 (8876086c)’]

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