Pokemon Go

Anyone here playing? Show yo pokemons.

I have a Charmander and Pidgey, simply because my phone sucks too much and I can’t do APR so I’d rather wait until I upgrade.

Lmao, thank you or3o

Used my wifes phone since it won’t run on mine. Loads of sh… Nothing around my area closest shop to buy balls etc is 30+ mins away and the closest gym is around 45 mins away. Not happy at all :(.

Good, Pokemon is supposed to be all about an adventure! Lmao.

I’ve had to bring a backup battery with me everywhere because of this game. Currently at level 13, 42% of the pokedex complete, and my highest CP Pokemon is a CP 700 Nidoqueen.

I wish, all my “mates” are playing it, I have nothing but pidgeys, weedles, spearow, some bigger bird and a drowzie (multi pidgeys and weedles). Wish I had a decent phone to play it as I could be catching them rn. Installing bluestacks to see if it works on there haha

Caught this one a day ago. Way too under powered for me to ever use but still cool to have. 🙂


That stardust though!


That stardust though!

Yeah I’ve only really upgraded 3 or 4 Pokemon so far since I’m not near many gyms haha.

So are you able to battle with other (real life) people?

Yes, but it’s technically against the law.


So are you able to battle with other (real life) people?

Not yet but it’s been confirmed that this is an upcoming update.

Share all your pokemons yo

Heres mine 🙂


I got to get on my name game.

Level 27

Damn, wish I had sufficient data to play Pokemon Go.

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