Some resource sites i've found

So, i was looking for some sound effects and such for a little game and found upon this site that has a shite ton of resources!

there is also this:

i will update this as i find more but so far, these sites are fairly good in terms of quality of sound effects, music, and graphics!

Open Game Art is great. You can pretty much find anything you’re looking for there and most have pretty lenient licenses.

if you want you can add this 🙂

! LPC homepage
! LPC-art-entries
! LPC asset list
! Time Fantasy (free) (16x16!?)
! Time Fantasy (buy) (16x16!?)
! Tilesets
! - Liberated Pixel Cup (LPC) Base Assets
! - (LPC) Modified base tiles
! - A cute dungeon
! - (LPC) Thatched-roof Cottage
! - (LPC) Windows & Doors
! - (LPC) Adobe Town Set
! - Basic map 32x32 by Silver IV
! - Tiled Terrains
! - Home Objects
! - (LPC) House Insides
! - (LPC) Arabic Elements
! - (LPC) Tree Recolors
! - (LPC) Terrain Repack
! - RPG Tiles: Cobble stone paths & town objects
! - (LPC) Tile Atlas2
! Items
! - (LPC) Items and game effects

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