[WANTED] Experienced Pixel Artist for "One Button" Game Jam + More

I’m looking for a pixel artist to join my project for the One Button Jam, as well as the further progress of the game. To start, during the Game Jam, this will not be a paid position. Just a fun little project to see how we can do against 300+ other games in a short time. When the final version is released and you decide to stay on to further develop the game, you will be given a cut of all revenue the game generates. I have a voice actor, and a music writer currently involved in the project, but will only end up being paid cash for completed work. As far as I see it - a graphics artist is an essential an ongoing role during game development; so a percentage of revenue would be best suited.

I’ve been working on designing a game for some time now, and after a couple of iterations, I think it’s time that I start from scratch and make a complete version of the game, using just one button - in order to qualify for the Game Jam. After the jam is complete, I’ll be continuing development on the game as a full-fledged mobile game using a Rewarded Ads approach through UnityAds.

If you have any examples of your work, I’d love to see them! The base sprite being used (for time’s sake) will be the Fantasy Time sprites.

Until the Game Jam is done on August 21st, most work that I need done will be items being drafted on to the base sprite mentioned above. Item icons are complete, and the base sprite is complete. I don’t believe I will need animated items, so it makes the work load a little smaller.

Let me know if you are interested - I would love to see some examples of your work and then we can move forward in discussing the game concept and idea. I have a playable version of the ‘concept’ but I am starting from scratch in order to implement ideas that will keep players intrigued.

Thanks so much!

You might want to note if this is a paid position or not.


You might want to note if this is a paid position or not.

Yes, Officer!

Done! 😛

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