Making orpg on android

Hi all its been years sence ive been here.
I have some newbie questions

Whats the best version for android orpgs?
Does anyone have a custome version for android with alot of features?
Such as
Trade system
Or others
Maybe housing or pets?

Any insite into this would be very helpful thanks

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Are you saying there is no version of eclipse that works on android?

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Thats funny

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I think he means that if the Eclipse community doesn’t have a working mobile engine already it never will.

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Checkout mana plus (bata) in the google play store. Its eclipse on steroids and its ready for android use now.

Open source free software on i think

Honestly TMW has been putting us to shame for years, but besides me I think only a handful of people in the Mirage-descended communities knew about its existence.

Im impressed with it. Has so many features that 90% of people always ask for.
And it seems stable enuff.
I had a pvp match with 5 people in town on tmw server and it did great on my phone. Fast and no lag. Comes with joystick and button for android in the stock settings
so i have no choice but to untilize it 🙂

Pretty sure it’s also C++, at least the desktop version and server.


Mirage Realms and Untitled engine

Untitled Engine has those features and more
Not sure about Mirage realms

but none of them came out

Just a shout out, Mirage Realms actually went open alpha on the play store yesterday 😄

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Where can i find the untitled engine?

If you are talking about Mirage Realms it has (is) been (being) built from scratch so you can’t sorry >.<

The Mana World is a good game engine, but it is not a good model for people to use to make games. It has a strict rule about using it, it is meant to be only used for their game.

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