[WIP] Kingdom of Grimgar

Hay Hay!

It’s been a long time since way between the community , since there was a big change. I confess I was longing for some of you. I’ve been wandering through other 's forum , and decided to return with a new project , which designed a new engine.

At the time I joined a good team and I am developing an MMO with anime Base : Hai to Gensou in Grimgar ; It is my interest puts it in 2 languages (English and Portuguese), so that the community can track here and have fun too.

The project is being developed in its own engine , derived from EO Mega ; which I have been doing a clean and producing what I want .

For those who do not know the subject, it is a Medieval Fantasy World, too based on Ragnarok Online, and other MMOs; But taken side of reality to that world itself.

Currently has six classes;

  • Warriors
  • Black knight
  • Hunter
  • Assassin
  • Mage
  • Cleric

Each class received resorts and battle modes, which will alternate the TAB button, then can become the most dynamic battle and adapt to the various challenges.

The World was designed for basing and practical expansion. Targeting the use of minimum Bytes and human labor. In case outside the maps, the world is Generates intelligent and unique way.

Npc’s have a chance to hand him Missions, which are unique, not made in Editors, due to local needs as well as the maps are divided into zones making the biome change, the monster hunted often would relocate, migrate to other areas.

NPCs may also provide donations of items, as well as offer services or sell only items which he has in possession at that time.

influence levels that place change the odds of each player.

The Party works as a family, not losing when it logs out.

With growth and battles aimed to group survival, solo players seek for more simple tasks which do not ventured much. To maintain the busy player and can grow even if your group is not online at that time.

Each item made at the publisher gets a chance to change 16 billion possibilities .

Player’s are able to assemble small kiosks to sell items based on their capabilities .

Monsters with intelligent spawn , as well as a dynamic system Aggro , with damage counters !

Among many other possibilities which the game is scheduled to take over.

More prints future , and the GUI is still getting a new look!

I hope we have an Alpha test with 3 servers built around a few days. Perhaps I would be posting for more details soon.

Thank the community support! The engine Eclipse MoonShine, will be available for analysis and testing in a few months, so the project is firm and online.

Special thanks:

I can not remember all that one day shared tips and knowledge to me, but I quote the most important, and they will be in the credits of both the Project, the game, the Engine.

Skyward River               - helped me numerous times with doubts and answer PM’s.
“Slasheree”                   - One of the community first to a few years ago I lend me support and help.
Office Jonhson              - One day a being who loved immensely, but he left me.
“Juntz”?.?                       - Formidable and Magnifico, it helped me many times.
Dooly                              - Br Programmer
Dragonick                      - Br Programmer

Many others. ~

:OIf those are what the graphics are gonna look like then I’m blown away. Good luck!

Haha, well, I’d really like to produce all hand game maps. It would not be a problem for me draws them, the problem is Coloring>
I appreciate the force.

When can we play this? 😄

< Soon!

It looks like your making the game I wanted to make, I can’t wait to see more.

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