Arcane Engine

I am finishing Vaughan Hilts game engine he worked in 2012-2013 for Silverdale HD and Blasters Online, at the time I was not a very good programmer. Now  that I have spent several years in C# and C++, I understand most programming principles and how  to make game engines to an extent from my experience of working on Nin Online. My goal is to replace Eclipse Origins with a true successor that is actually a giant step forward vs a small one.

You may contribute code to this repository, the license it uses is based on the same license that Inspire uses. Simply do a pull request or submit an issue on GitHub.

You need to have MySQL installed, the database may not be fully functional. It will require some tinkering to understand the code and get it up and running, but it isn’t that hard. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I will be writing tutorials when the engine is more mature.


There’re many more improvements I am going to make to the code that is not yet available. These will happen over the next 6 months. This project is aimed to eventually be the game engine Nin Online is ported to.

Will give this a try and a legit review with less chubby men than chiefs xD
Edit: Can you compile it and give us a basic guide on the mysql setup? ^_^

What a shitty engine.

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