First time posting so I’ll make this quick and I hope it’s in the right Thread.

While I was fiddling around making new items for Eclipse TFF I kept running into this error when ever I tried equiping or using the new item.:

“Run-Time error code: 9”
“Subscript out of Range”

It took me a while to figure it out, but here is the solution.

Turns out the new items I made, a bow, was using a new 32x32 png of a bow. It was numbered correctly following the number order,


you HAVE to make sure you have two of each new item image with the second one with a “_s” for example:

35.png, 35_s.png, 36.png, 36_s.png etc.

There has to be a “_s” behind each of the new images you make and input into the items folder because of the Selection system.
After doing this it ran smoothly.

I’m posting this because I couldn’t find the solution anywhere on the forums and I’m pretty sure there are others out there who have encountered this.

I’m assuming this error expands to the point where an item that tries to use an image that isn’t present in the folder.
projectiles folder only contains 1.png

So you’ll get the error if you try attacking with a weapon whos projectile’s pic is 2 when theres only 1 present.

To solve this one would have to create a 2.png projectile image and place it in the projectile folder.

May seem like a lot, but I only want to post my findings to help others with the same problems!