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Got tired of a Turn-Based Pokemon Game? PokeNew will give you a new experience about Pokemon game which you get to control your own pokemon and battle wild pokemon you encounter on maps, explore the wide and new area. Start from your very own hometown , Pallet Town, and hone your skills and strategy to proceed to the next region

Game Style
Unlike your other Pokemon Game, which is a Turn Based strategy game, PokeNew’s battle style is real time
When you release your pokemon outside the map, the control will be switch to the pokemon and you can freely control your pokemon and also use it’s moves



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Note: We are currently accepting some participant for the Closed Beta test this comming December
Please check this topic for more info: Closed Beta

You’re using pokemon emerald graphics but don’t have the pokenav?
In all seriousness, I’ll give it a better look tomorrow but it looks fun and a lot like pokemon maps should

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