I'm looking for a programmer (Remunerated)

I would like to hire a programmer to develop some systems.
More details about the project through PM or Skype(lmeira.)

I pay well.

List of developers currently working on the project

Coyote - Transformation Spell Editor System (100%)
Coyote - Unique System Of Training (In Progress)
Coyote - Unique System Of Stats (In Progress)

I don’t seem to be able to send a PM, But I have sent you a contact request on Skype.

Pm me

I accepted your request and I await your contact.

I already sent you a PM.

Looks like pms are bugged.I’ll add you on skype.

Cant seem to find u tho.

What is your nickname on skype?
Mine is lmeira. has the. at the end

Its eliminator_takataa add me because I cant seem to find you

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