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I was wondering if you could possibly give me a hand on identifying the engine of a game and subsequently porting the data files to a new engine if necessary.

A close group of developer friends produced a dedicated roleplaying world away from our usual route. When the game was closed, at the beginning of last year, they passed along an administrative file so I could check out the graphics and such. To cut the story short, I was not interested at the time and I simply let the game sit in my Downloads folder.

I am now interested. However, I can’t seem to locate the appropriate engine. They did tell me that the engine that was used as Eclipse Advanced, I assume version 1.0, but I can’t seem to locate a download for it. Additionally, as they did not provide a source-code (for server or client) I can’t make a Dev Suite or a Server.

I was wondering, does anyone have a link to Eclipse Advanced or can someone inform me how to effectively port the Data Files (map, graphics, characters) to a new engine? Is it a matter of dragging and dropping?

A video of the game’s development can be found here: and here


Eclipse Advanced engine developed by Deathbeam

It’s Eclipse Advanced.

Using the search function these threads/titles contain “Eclipse Advanced”. Take a look through them see if there are any links 🙂ℴ=desc

Hey @BeNjo

Is Eclipse Advanced a recommended engine? I have been attempting to port the game to Eclipse Worlds, which has been okay so far apart from the Maps not showing up.

EA is a really old engine, If anything I would wait for our new engine that’s cross platform:

Ah, I was checking that out. Out of interest, what is your latest engine? Is it Eclipse Renewal - V1.7.0 or Eclipse World?

I think Eclipse Renewal is our official VB6 Engine. At least I think it’s the most updated one.

Ah, excellent. Eclipse World gives me some results but I am still struggling to transfer the maps. Whilst I have the .MAP files, I don’t have any .DAT files. Do you know the best method of going about this? Thanks for the help so far @BeNjo

The REC’s will be different engine to engine. You will need to map sure they match and if they do not you will need to convert or remake.

Check your current engine’s MapRec and World’s MapRec (CTRL + F) and see if they match :). Rinse and repeat for Items/NPCs/Player (both TempPlayer and Player)/Spells ect

What’s the method of converting a map, is it even possible for a map that is made on such an old engine?

You need a converter to either make missing data =0 OR remove un-used data. Not sure if there are any working converters on Eclipse, But you will need to edit any converter to your current rec > new rec either way.

Hm, I am in need of Eclipse Advanced to truly test all of that out. I searched the forums but could not find a link, I guess its now in personal holding?

I haven’t check my self but it’s really old so my guess is that all links have expired and you’d need someone with a copy of it to upload it and link you 🙂

Ah, damn. Thanks anyway @BenJo. So essentially there is no way for me to save that map? Or are there any other engines that may be able to run it, I am thinking that Eclipse Reborn or Eclipse Origin 3.0 may be able to.

Not without having the EXACT rec’s are the current data’s rec’s :(.

Damn, that’s truly a shame. Thank you for your continued help, @Benjo. If anyone has the Eclipse Advanced engine tucked away, please do give me a shout.

So… You have the maps but not the engine?

Hey @MohenjoDaro, I have the maps, the graphics, even the developer suite but not the server launcher. I pretty much can’t do much as no source files were included. I was hoping that by getting the Eclipse Advanced engine I could perhaps launch the game in some way and move the maps to a newer engine.

To confirm, no one has access to Eclipse Advanced?

If Deathbeam made Eclipse Advanced, then you can contact him through any of his online profiles as he most likely will still have the source.
I can only verify that this is his github account and that this is most likely his twitter.

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