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I have been in discussion with zynato about the talks of a community game, and i have been giving the go ahead to go about it.

So over the next little while here i’m going to be putting together a team to make a game in a clean vanilla copy of Eclipse Origins 3.0.

The team will customize the engine as needed for the game. Once done zynato will be hosting it here for all of eclipse to enjoy. We will take lots of input from the community going into this project.

But with that all being said comes the process of putting together a team.

So if you are interested just message me on eclipse or skype, and will talk about it.

I will keep an updated list of the positions for the project below.


-Programmers: Myself.

-Mappers: kdubose, 1 spot open

-Story Writers: 1 spot open

-Graphic Artists: kdubose, Seb
I will fill in the positions as they are taken.

I hope to see a lot of people interested in this project. So that we can give eclipse origins one last final run at a good game. Before the new engines come to surface.

~Officer Johnson

Where is the server located on earth?


Where is the server located on earth?


what is the physical name of the location that is a part of the world known as earth that this server resides under that which is ran and maintained

Datacenter in France?

Hmm, interesting indeed. What about the idea of making it an open-source development project? In that, you could host the code on GitHub and people could submit pull requests with new features and such.

Good idea glum 😄

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