Hello people!

Currently, I’m on a rather tight budget, due to being practically NEET(I work when they need me, which is 3-5 times a month, usually), and having very little income, I need to make budget cuts to make it until I get a new job. I currently like working with asian-inspired pots of spicy seasoning, usually with green curry, or some sauce from along there, usually Thailand or something, but also enjoy them a bit more standard western, with chili and stuff. However, it can get expensive sometimes, or one dimensional, the problem being that most recipes I find either require a lot of different ingredients I will only use once, and have to cash out a decent chunk to get all of them, or it’s practically the same things I’m doing now. I don’t mind buying a few things, but sometimes it’s an extreme list, which makes it hard to justify it.

So in short, give ideas for spicy, and cheap food.