NeiR Automata

Hello guys, I was going through this board and realized there were no discussions of this new game here.

So what are your thoughts on the game, whether it be the environment, character design, etc.

Personally, I really love the series since I’ve played both Nier and Drakengard (the whole series), so my opinions are of course going to be praising it, but on what?
The music and combat system have to be my two favorite things about this whole game.

Also sorry for short thread, I’m not sure how to start a conversation like this.

its not bad, and its not good either.


its not bad, and its not good either.

I can see some reasons on my own how you’d see that. Though may I ask for certain points for each of them? I really am trying to start a discussion.

2B, 'nuff said.

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