This number will change every time a donation is sent. Once me and my staff hit 100 we put a Download Link for the DBZ Starter Kit Engine and
release a New Thread Link here and take the Email off and let everyone know we hit our mark!

Me and my team have a Goal set to get donated 100$ towards our big secret DBZ Game coming soon!

But we’re short of Cash, so I come to everyone Today to say to anyone willing to donate 100$ to the staff’s paypal @ [email protected] ! I release a Startup DBZ Engine with a lot of amazing features and other things that come with it!

I’m Not Selling nor am I in the rights of the copyright content that is being used in this engine (Use at your own Risk)

I put time and dedication into the server! You’re not donating for any of the trademark content! You be donating to the Engine and the Features it has to offer! Everything inside the engine is found over the web and you can use the 6 graphic sheets of dbz content at your own risk, or do new spriting and do a customization look a like dbz game.

You will be donating for these features located inside of the engine. Everything else comes with it is free to use and I have no rights to them.

Remember you’re donating for the Features in the Engine and helping release a Translated into Engish Manga-Frog Engine. I don’t have rights to manga-frog but I translated it and would like to be donated on helping me out like I am for you guys!

Even if I hit a limit of 100$ from donations here and there, I also notify when I have been donated the limit!
After I get donated the limit I will remove the Staffs Paypal cause it be released and we won’t need anymore support.

I’m doing like they did:

and doing like Pokemon Revolution does with the Membership donation system.

Heres a Gameplay of Features the Engine has to offer.

This engine has Running Animation
Attacking animations
Ki Blast Animations
Transformation Animation
running animation
260 maps already made.
Game is setup to fight all the way to raditz if you keep the default story
Quest Blocking
Level Blocking
and much more

I put 200-300$ into the engine and i’m just trying to hit 100, i’m at 80so far so just a few more donations and i release the engine publicly with no problem.

Maps in the video isn’t there and there 100 times better.
Heres a Video: