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This is a suggestion for a future version.

So that you add these new options to the spells.

“Base Stat”:

Which allows us to choose which will be the base of damage of the spell of the chosen attribute.
That is to say that if it is based on intelligence, each point that the player places to the attribute of intelligence will increase the damage of the spell.

“Spell progression”
This option allows us to evolve the ability after the times the spell was used. The next spell is chosen and the times that have to be used to evolve the ability to the next spell.

Another suggestion will be about the projectiles:

  • One select the target to attack, and the projectiles go straight to the target.

Another suggestion would be for a pet system.

-Create a new category of items that is from Arcos, whose damage is based on agility. In other words, if the game puts more emphasis on the agility attribute, the bow will do more damage.

For the moment there would be the suggestions I have. I’ll let you know if I have more.

Note: The editing panel is the best I’ve seen, very good.

And the system of enemies with the option to put them very good level. But I have not had much time to try it well. I’m very busy with the university

Making sure I understand the suggestions.

  1. Allow the developer to choose what stat increases a spell’s damage

  2. You want spells to progress/unlock new spells as you use one more

  3. Projectiles that go straight to the target

  4. Allow the developer to choose what stat increases a weapon’s damage

  5. A pet system

If I understand those right, I can add in 1, 2, and 4, but 3 would be optional (whether the projectile goes straight ahead or at the target). I am planning on projectiles and pets (I thought the pet code was there but apparently it isn’t).

Updated the list

I have a suggestion: You should make the “Screenshot Map” function work again! 🙂

Funny you should mention that, I got sick of working with the GUI so I took a break to work on that. I’m still trying to get it to work, but not sure if I’ll be able to.

Ah alright. Goodluck with it though 😉

What would you guys think about moon phases being added to the game?

Moon phases would add a white/silver tint to the black night (moon light) based on what the phase currently is. There would also be an NPC option for if an NPC spawn in certain phases (werewolves are an easy example).

I’m still thinking about other ideas to go with this, but I would probably add a GUI element to keep track of the phase (for player convenience.

can you add a buff/debuff icon when its active? example Slash has a Bleeding debuff so it shows icon that their bleeding

Yeah, I can add an active effects that you choose in the editor

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Lol, my code ripping days are over (I prefer writing my own now), but I might be able to think of a good way to do that sort of system. Maybe have some arrays holding possible names, stats, etc.

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Could you Add These?

  • Gun System - Mark Item as gun - Select Gun Ammo, Maybe add Gun Equiptment? Ex: Put Holoscope on Ak47 Ups the Damage of the gun.

  • Hunger System - Eat food or die,

  • Thirst System - Drink Soda or Water or die of dehydration,

  • Scavenging System - Break down Components for Crafting items - Screws,Nails,Board,Plastic ,

  • Explosives - Throw Grenade BOOM ,

I think you know where i’m going with this… Please add it if not for everyone add a Option to disable most of it XC

This post is deleted!

Some of those I can add and was planning to add.

Explosives will be a maybe feature, just have to think of how to add it optionally.

Scavenging is do-able with the current crafting system, but I can make it easier so that you don’t need a recipe, otherwise it would get pretty annoying to scrap things.

This post is deleted!

Well, you don’t throw magic, so it would need some adjusting

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