Lost and 2D - Back in Development!

Hey Everyone

Saw a few Eclipse Games making it onto Steam Greenlight and it has very much rekindled my passion for Eclipse, so I picked up my old project and have been plugging away at it. 
I’ve been making mobile games for the past few months in my spare time, still a Paramedic by profession.  My mobile games can be found here http://www.lostand2d.com/games.html

But I’d love some support and possible up-votes for my eclipse based game on Steam Greenlight!

Steam Greenlight Link


Looking for another person to help me get content created, quests, dialogue etc! If interested, send me a PM!



Voted, looking good.

Thanks, it’s weird getting back into VB6 after spending so long making mobile apps.

Rob! its great to have you back man. Upvoted.

Voted good to see it back in development 😄

Upvoted 🙂

Fuck looks good we have the same bridge In orake : P

The bridge looks a bit out of place in this game though like it doesn’t match up with the rest of the world.

Perhaps I’ll tweak the bridge…

As mentioned, bridge looks out of place, rest looks really good! Wish you luck with it.

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