Runtime Error : DX8VB.DLL

So, I downloaded eclipse renewal and installed the runtime files but I am still getting this, " DX8VB.DLL " missing but Its there in the run times folder so i have no idea…  I am evening running it in admin and still getting the same thing.  Also, the server runs perfect and loads up everything with no errors.

I did upload a jpg file so you’d see Im not going crazy lol.

P.S I didn’t know where to post this problem since i didn’t see a trouble shoot section but hopefully I’m right on spot.

~ Ramhu ~

Try placing ‘dx8vb.dll’ into the client folder next to ‘fmod.dll’.


Try placing ‘dx8vb.dll’ into the client folder next to ‘fmod.dll’.

Wow thank you I didn’t think about that.  :))))))) WOoT

Or, you can place dx8vb.dll into SysWow64 or System32 folder so the rest of the engines can use it as well 😉 I’ll add the file to the main folder so this problem doesn’t happen again.

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