Hello, I am addressing here because I have not found what I was looking for in the different existing topic.
I need help to know how to make an interface to completely customize the character at the creation of the player. (In the same style as Nin Online) I have what it takes in graphics graphics paperdolls …. but I do not know how to put this in place.
I would also like to know how to add an attack animation to the weapon. I have the sprite board for but I do not know at all how to insert it.
And last point I would like to be able to pass the window of the game in full screen.

I want to clarify that I am on Skywire Primitive V9 and that my level of making is relatively low.

And sorry for my English that is none other than Google Trad not being English.

Thank you in advance to all those who can and will help me.