A-Online [Revival]

Welcome in the official project developped by Orintoho 88 studio since 2011 . Yeah  … it’s an unknown company
.Now , I will tell you a story , in 2011 I joined Orintoho 88 studio with an original idea to mix some animes in one amazing game … hmm that was at least an idea . Then in 2013 , I was able to produce a kind of playable version of this game which included Dragon Ball Z and Naruto . Well I can’t actually say that I had a lot of success  because in 2014 , I gave up the game and the MMORPG creator’s life … But now , I’m back stronger than ever to produce the ultimate game with the name of :

The story begins in an isolated house , the C exam academy part where you’ll get the super hero C rank to be an official “ANIME SUPERHERO” and will also be able to fight strong bosses from different anime worlds !

The game includes 7 animes ( we will add more by time ) , each one of them has 3 characters . Now that you know about characters , let me introduce you those animes :

One Punch Man (WanPanMan)
Naruto Shippuden
Dragon Ball Super ( Doragon bōru sūpā )
One Piece ( Wan Pīsu )
Fairy tail ( Fearī Teiru )
Attack On Titan (  Shingeki No Kyojin  )
Bleach ( Burīchu )

  • The characters are :

Saitama - Genos - Boros
Naruto - Sasuke - Madara
Goku - Vegeta - Black Goku
Luffy - Ace - Akainu
Natsu - Grey - Zeref
Eren - Mikasa - Bertolth
Ichigo - ? - Hitsugaya

-Omega boss battle
-Arena battles
-Trade system
-Ascend ranks (Maximum one is “SS”)

  • And much more …

Original idea~Game maker~Programmer~Owner
Kemono | Saitama
Game maker~Spriter
King.D Levi

One Punch Man : ONE
Dragon Ball Super : Akira Toriyama
Naruto Shippuden : Masashi Kishimoto
Attack On Titan : Hajime Isayama
One Piece : Eiichiro Oda
Fairy Tail : Hiro Mashima
Bleach : Noriyuki Abe


Trying to sell someone else art ?

Nin Online


Hey , sorry about that , our website maker put it and said that it’s just to show the armor in a better way , in addition to that your art is different from ours . Btw , you know , there’s a better manner to talk .
There is the original armor

  • I found that your armor sucks , so why crying for shit ?

Lol, I never claimed to have made that artwork but I have played NIN Online and recognized the armor pixel art and realized that you were trying to sell it for $20 U.S.D lol $10 more than NIN actually charges xD

Second, your an art thief, and I do not respond kindly or politely to people like you, your tiles are generic RPGMaker VX sets, your cropping pictures of copyrighted material in your GUI and your “game” looks like ripped trash, so again I repeat, Gtfo. 🙂

Dude,with a simple google search i found your “titan” from the boss battle:

I dont think your “spriter” is doing much work on this game lmao
Also,the game has a lot of english mistakes

Aside from the mentioned things above about sprites obviously being taken from other sources than your own(and from what we know, without the owners knowledge), there’s a huge fundamental problem with a game like this, which is sort of related, and that is the copyright of the products you have the game be all about(the anime). There has been several similar cases of games being shut down due to copyright infringement.

About the sprites which are in game : The titan is a render which means that someone ripped them from somewhere and gave money for them to be free for all . Next , the RPG MAKER VX Tiles are sold in steam http://store.steampowered.com/app/229752/RPG_Maker_VX_Ace__Modern_Day_Tiles_Resource_Pack/ , please before talking , be sure about what you say . And about my English , idgaf
Other thing else , stop coming to spam idiotly my discord chat or there will be severe results between us .


and realized that you were trying to sell it for $20 U.S.D lol $10 more than NIN actually charges xD

I don’t know if you cannot read but I already show you the armor in its original way , don’t show your self as an idiot

If your original armor is so good (which it’s not, it shit), why are you using Nin’s?

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