Final Frontier Main Menu Background

Could someone PLEASE help me?
So im trying to change the main-menu background,but for some reason it doesnt update?
So this is what im doing:
I go to client>data files>graphics>gui> and change “28” to my backgorund
And then I go to client>data files>graphics>gui>menu and I change “background” and “eclipse” to my background
But it still doesnt show my background. Can someone help me?

Edit from the source the picture of frmmenu . (Use a .bmp picture)

He was editing the graphic file which should work since VB6 doesn’t have the ability to compile the image and use it that way.

No , it works fine . I already tested that .

I have the same problem, what line in the frmmenu is it? Cant find it there =/

It’s attached to the form as a background picture directly. You’ll need to simply reassign that property or write a line of code at runtime to load a different image.

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