[Unity 2D]DBS-Online

Nice project 😄

You can join the discord, i will put news on it every time : )
See you !

Hello everyone, game is still going, i paused it for a few weeks, and started again, someone joined the team as pixels artist, a good one.

-The swift systeme is now working totally clean
-Bug fixes
-The transformation systeme is finished at 90%
-Game is more fluide
-Animations are now working better

Currently working on :
-Finishing the male and female sprites,
-Customizing the characters
-Better IA
-Better maps

Screenshots will come when the sprites will be finished.
See you !

Hello everyone !
I got some news for you :
-Better IA : NPC can now follow the player
-Bug fix (as always)
-New sprites :
What do you guys think about it ?
For the future :
-Making a better IA : pathfinding and attacking players.
-More animations for the sprite
-Male and Female version of your character
-Equipping stuff like paperdoll
-Custom hair

See you !

Hello everyone !
My pixels artists had a problem with her hand, and can not work with me anymore.
I wanted to release the Pre-alpha 3 this week end, but the game developement slowed.
I apologize because i also been in hurry for many things irl, i do what i can.
What is new :
-Super bug fixe : the projectiles (kikoha, energy waves…) and other attacks can no longer be throw in 2 directions in same time.
This bug was really annoying and it’s been here for a year already… glad i fixed it finally.

Here is 2 things, but only one of them can be done :
1 : i focus on the pixel art and the pre-alpha 3 is released in a week
2 : i realized that there are many things unfinished and i finish all of them first but the pre-alpha will have to wait till i finish this + the pixel art.

So we will see how things will go.
Join the discord server here : https://discord.gg/FhypnP8
See you !

Hello everyone !
With a few days late, here comes the pre-alpha 3a.
Major changes :
-New sprites.
Download :
Main page downloads has been updated.

Join our discord here :

For the next :
-Custom hair and cloth for your char.

(Energy wave has been disabled for a while, it’s not needed for now.)
See you !

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