Wanting to take parts of an engine and put it into a different one.

This post is deleted!

Sounds great, Good luck!

You’ll probably get the best result by doing it from the bottom up.

Ok, I’m going to be that really unhelpful guy, but it’s helpful to me. What things do you like better about EFF than ER? I’m the dev for ER so I should be able to add the features you want that the other engine has.

If it’s ER’s GUI that’s the game breaker then I suggest waiting a bit until ER 1.8.1 comes out with the new GUI (it’s like EFF’s).

P.S. I’ll be helpful to you now 🙂 To copy the EXP bar, double click it and that will bring you to the code, after press Ctrl + F then select search the project (not module) and find where the variables are used in the code and copy that stuff over to the new code (use the line above the code in ER because that should be a line in EFF to find where to paste the EXP code).

To copy the EXP bar itself, just click it, press Ctrl + C and paste it on the EFF server.

You can use this as a start for the other features.

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