Button not working.

I have been following this guide https://www.eclipseorigins.com/Thread-Eclipse-Final-Frontier-Adding-a-extra-button

to add a button below the hotbar on eclipse final frontier but the button i have inserted does nothing. Im not sure why. Any ideas?

Are you using EFF or another engine? The “thing” the button does is in this code, specifically the OpenGuiWindow 10 line.

' friend button
I = 65
x = GUIWindow(GUI_MENU).x + Buttons(I).x
y = GUIWindow(GUI_MENU).y + Buttons(I).y
' check if we're on the button
If (GlobalX >= x And GlobalX <= x + Buttons(I).Width) And (GlobalY >= y And GlobalY <= y + Buttons(I).Height) Then
    If Buttons(I).state = 2 Then
        ' do stuffs
        OpenGuiWindow 10
        ' play sound
        PlaySound Sound_ButtonClick, -1, -1
    End If
End If

You need to go into the OpenGuiWindow function and see what values it accepts. It maybe that 10 isn’t accepted in your version of the engine. You can try changing the number to something else or putting in some other code under ’ do stuffs.

Hey it’s on final frontier I’m using. I have been messing with it loads and moved the button beside the chat bar by changing the button from GUI_MENU to GUI_CHAT but now when the button is pressed it crashes with a dx8 error.

Im trying to make a hide menu button sort of thing that will hide and show GUI_MENU when pressed.

Any ideas?

I do appreciate the help

You need to post the code and the error you are getting.

My guess is there isn’t an error, the engine is just popping the msgbox up saying DX8 crashed. Try using breakpoints in your code (click the side of VB6’s IDE and a red dot should appear). Put the breakpoint on the sub where the button is clicked and then press F8 to follow the code and see where something goes wrong.

Okay when im home (Tomorrow) i shall post the code and take some screenshots. Hope to get this one working. Thank you for the replies. I have been tinkering with eclipse origins for years but stopped when the gold version thing came out. Now it’s something i can come back to and tinker with when im not working.

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