Make an installer?

Is there a way to put my “Client” Folder into a installer, then give it to people and after they installed it they can play but dont see .txt and other files?

A couple ways to make installer-like files

You can google other ways to do it.

As for the second part, you can mark the files as hidden (the game should still be able to see the files), but there isn’t any real way to make sure people can’t see the files unless you code it into the game instead of having a txt file.

But wouldnt it be total easy to hack you because ip and ping is in the client folder or manipulate the graphics (on client site) ?

Of course, but I’m pretty sure there’s software to get an IP that a client is using. It’s not that big of a deal if someone wants to mess with the graphics, it’s a big deal if they want to take an use them.

Thinking about it, what do you mean by “hack”?

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