the work still in progress

the game have to story line  player story and faction story

the player worked hard to be avatar and be the master of all four elements

the Player start the game by join one from four Faction

Fire Nation

Water Tribe

Air Nomands

Earth Kingdom

and choose on class  warrior or archer or wizard

when the Player reach level 10 he can change his faction or class easily from the scripted npc who do that .

and when he reach level 20 he can move to the next class level

if he from air nomands  and he  wizard he will be Air Magician

and when he reach level 40 he can be a Air Binder

and in level 100 he can get the quest of Avatar to learn the four element

Water Fire Earth and Air

with the four elements he can help his faction to rule the world and control all the the resources in the world and control the trade

and this the faction story

the game have a full working faction system

Player in the same faction can’t attack each other

player can’t attack the npc in the same faction .

npc can’t attack player in the same faction

special items for each faction can’t use by other factions .

special spells for each faction can’t use by other faction .

fire nation Players start in the capital of fire nation and the same for others

every nation have 3 big cities

Guards in every nation attack the Players from others nations

Players can ride a horse

Attack animation including

i finished almost all the coding things

i am working on the maps and paperdoll

i am working alone so the work is to slow

sry for my bad English

Riding            Sword attack      Spear attack       Wizard attack        archer attack


more Player sprites


world map

watch video