Its not sth difficult i just thought that it could help some people.

Its client Only.
Difficulty: easy.

<–— Client ----->
Right click on the project at project manager add -> add form -> Splash Screen
Then go at ModGeneral and find Public Sub Main()
If Options.Debug = 1 Then On Error GoTo ErrorHandler




Add the lines with the + , without the +
Also delete the SetStatus if you want or you can modify them.

Splash Screen Done.
Now the tip of the day/week/month etc.

Create again a form add-> add form -> tip of the day
Then make the form as u like to fit with the game.
And in mod input:
Select Case Command(0)
+Case “/tip”

  • frmTip.Show
    Case “/help”

So when the player types /tip the tip form will show.
You can add code to initialize the graphic at it too.