Run-time error "9" subscript out of range

can someone please help me? I was placing down some resource trees and my server crashed. when i try to start server back up it gives me run-time error “9” subscript out of range. I already read through what was available in forum and added _s to my new resource tree to go with the normal without _s but that did nothing and server will still not start back up without that error.

Did you place the resource outside of the map bounds?

no, it happened when i was replacing a tree that came with the engine with my own tree so surely that would be inside map bounds. I am not sure how it would even be possible to place a resource outside of map bounds anyhow since you can only see the map you are on.

How long in the “Loading maps…” before the error? Does it seem like it finished loading them or does it seem like it stops partway through? Also, try renaming the map you edited and let it create a new one to see if it’s a problem with loading that map.

ok the error happens as soon as “loading maps” pops up. I renamed the map 4 which is the map i was on in both client and server and error has gone away

That means the map file was corrupted during the save… Not sure what would have caused that, try remaking the map and see if it happens again

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