ER 1.8.1 Release!

Eclipse Renewal 1.8.1 is ready for release! It’s been in the works for 3 and a half months now thanks to computer troubles, but it’s finally finished. I didn’t get to do everything I hoped to, but I finished the main goal and want to release it now to help people develop their games sooner.


Goals for this Update:

-GUI: The GUI is now drawn to the screen! The GUI used to get in the way ALL the time and make mapping, and playing, a nightmare. That isn’t the case anymore. The GUI has been FULLY redone and custom made for ER 1.8.1 (granted, a lot is just a re-skin of EO’s GUI). The is slightly transparent by default and will go even more transparent if a player in under the element. You can still see the menu you’re looking at, don’t worry. Now, if you’re thinking the GUI might get in the way while mapping and still make seeing the map difficult, then stop worrying: there is a new button on the admin panel that will toggle the GUI so that it will no longer get in your way.
Next update will make a server option for allowing your players to toggle their GUIs (some games may not want this feature, but it will always help mappers).

The GUI also is dynamic and will move with your screen size. If you want to change GUI element locations, search for “Public Sub GuiLocation()” in modGraphics. Buttons will also move dynamically and go into rows when the screen is small.

-Resizeable Screen: A much loved feature, you can now resize your screen to make mapping much easier as well as see the whole map. I understand not all creators want this feature as it can give an unfair advantage to those with larger monitors, so it will be a server option in 1.8.2 (as well as a few more screen options). It was added now to make mapping easier and faster while also putting the base for it in now rather than waiting.

For a complete changelog, head over here:

This update is still lacking features that were meant to be added, so expect more updates in the future, but we wanted to get the engine out so that people could start making their games. Future updates won’t break your games and will provide converters for any system that is changed.

thank you so much for all the hard work you have put into this update. It will definitely be easier to map now being able to see a larger screen area. you really outdid yourself and the gui looks amazing

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