As the title says, this thread will be used to post updates as they happen. I will just be updating the main post so that there aren’t 10 posts in a row with 2 things on them.

[Added Features]
–----------------- July 12, 2017 -------------------
- Shift + Click is the same as dragging when selecting map tiles in the editor (useful for large tilesets)

  • Can’t warp a player who has the dev panel open
  • Can have favorite tilesets

------------------- July 13, 2017 -------------------
- Added crafting menu graphic

  • Added crafting tile

------------------- July 14, 2017 -------------------
- Added dynamic crafting stations (add the image to the folder and it will auto be added to the station types)

------------------- July 15, 2017 -------------------
- Crafting system added (still needs testing)

  • frmLoading has a transparent background now
  • frmLoading using gif images now (supports transparent gifs but not animated)

[Fixed Bugs]
–----------------- July 12, 2017 -------------------
- Fixed dev panel saving

------------------- July 13, 2017 -------------------
- Fixed quest render crash

I’m planning on focusing on the map editor, some bug fixes, and adding some server options. (As well as adding a crafting system).

~Development Team
~Mohenjo Daro