ER 1.8.1 Feedback

I’d like to hear any and all feedback about the new GUI, the resizeable screen, and whatever other thoughts you have.

I know I was told a GUI editor would be nice, and I plan to have an option to allow the GUI to be moved by the players at some point in the future.

found a bug with fishing resource. The resource keeps resetting itself so it will not work. see my picture. it resets upon saving

Damnit, Johnson. Thanks for finding that, just means Johnson forgot to add the code to save it on the dev panel XP Added to the bug list

how long before this will be fixed? it’s pretty important, i found a temporary workaround for not having crafting so the fish can be cooked just by using an event to trade raw fish for cooked version but it would be nice to have some fish to cook.

It’s a 5 minute fix, but I don’t like releasing small updates since you have to redownload the update then.

I’ll try to get this update out as quick as possible.

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