How to use the editors? (+ an error)

Right off the bat, I’m sorry if I placed this thread in the wrong section - I didn’t see any kind of designated help board, so I thought this would cover it. If it needs to go in a different section just let me know.

I’m not the best or most experienced programmer out there (definitely more of a graphics kinda guy), so this engine really confuses me. I’ve installed and extracted Eclipse Renewal 1.8.1.rar, and installed the Runtime Library (as written at the top). However, when I try to start up the engine and get editing, I find that the client I’m running is that of a normal player instead of a dev.

The server starts up and runs just fine, but it’s just about useless if I can’t use the client to edit my game!

Also, there is an error that sometimes pops up while I’ve been trying to figure this out:
Runtime error ‘9’
Subscript out of range

It happened a few times when I was first installing it, but the last time it happened was when my server crashed.

Am I just missing something easy, or did I install incorrectly? Any help would be appreciated!

To be an admin, log in with your account, switch to the server -> player tab and rick click your account. Once you’re an admin, press Insert on your keyboard.

What are you doing when you get that error? The error just means a value is going over what it should, so what you’re doing will help me narrow it down.

I’m not entirely sure what caused the error (I haven’t been able to recreate it yet), but if it happens again I’ll take some screenshots and leave a reply with more info.

Thank you for the help though! I got the account to be an admin, so that should solve everything else.

No problem 🙂

If the error happens again then just try remembering what were doing: opening a menu, submitting a number, hovering over a graphic, etc… It will help me to narrow it down.

Thank you, I’ll be sure to do that if it comes up. (It hasn’t so far, which is awesome!)

I have another question, though.
Do you have a keymap/list of controls for the engine? I’m trying to test out new events and objects I place in the game, but every key I use to try and interact with them isn’t working. Do I need to configure these before I can properly test? Thanks again.

Ctrl - Interact and attack
Enter - Pick up item
WASD/Arrows - move
Shift - Run
F# - Hotbar

I think that’s it for now. I plan to add keys like G to hide GUI, I for Inv, etc. but that will be in a later update.

Okay, thank you. Turns out I found most of them through trial and error, but Ctrl was new to me.

Speaking of that, there’s another error…
Whenever I try to attack or interact with an NPC (i.e. pressing Ctrl next to one), the client crashes. Not sure why, though. Here’s the error it gives whenever it happens:
“An unhandled win32 exception occurred in Eclipse Renewal.exe [8220].”

Sorry for so many questions/issues, hopefully this will be the last one I need to ask about.

Yep, that’s a bug. Not sure when it appeared, but it’ll be fixed in the next update 🙂

Alright! I’ll make sure I pick up the next update whenever it comes out, then. Thanks again for all the help!

I have a quick question, was it any NPC you pressed Ctrl on or was it a quest NPC (the one with a ! above it)?

Sorry for the late reply!

Yes, I found that all other events worked - it was just quest NPCs that had that issue.

Alright, thanks for letting me know 🙂 means it’s a Quest render bug.

Oops, final question: When I finally finish making a game and want to give it to other people to play, what will they need to download so they can safely connect to the server and play from a separate computer? Is it just all the contents in the client folder, or parts of it, or something else?

You just give them the client folder minus
src folder

Hi again! 😄

I’ve done what you mentioned and transferred a copy of the client (excluding those files) onto another testing PC, but I get an error.

"Run-time error ‘339’:

Component ‘MSWINSCN.OCX’ or one of its dependencies not correctly registered; a file is missing or invalid"

All files are intact in the client folder except client.vbp, client.vbw, and the entire src folder. Do I need to include the Runtime Library also, or did I forget to include specific files? (I’m guessing the latter based on similar threads from the past, but I can’t find this required file in the main client folder anywhere.)

The player will have to install the runtime library, if you didn’t on the new pc then try that and see if it works.

I did and it works!… sort of. The client runs now, but it’s not connecting to the server. It says the server is offline, but it’s not.

Did you portforward the server/router? If not then look for a tutorial on the site or google 🙂

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