Austeria Online - WIP 2D MMORPG

Austeria Online is a 2D Medieval MMORPG in development by me. AO is a old project of mine, the first version of it was released back in 2011 using the EE2.7.
Now I’m getting the project back up, creating my own graphics with pixel art.

I’m needing another pixel artist, one that can do textures (I’ve got some difficulty with it), a programmer and a designer. You can be more than one, of course.
Please, read the whole topic and contact me if Austeria touches you.*

STORY - Chapter 4 coming

! > Chapter 1 - The beginning

On the beginning, there was only Austeria, a powerful presence in the everything, where everything was nothing, because nothing existed. 
Austeria questioned herself why was she alone, how was she created, what’s the purpose of all this?

Austeria wished presence in the nothing, she wanted company. Badly she knew that her wishes would come true. It all started to take shape 
and in a blink of an eye, life was created.

Water began to imerge from the nothing and pieces of land began to form from that water. Austeria freaked out, but suddently she was taken 
by happiness when she saw everything she was dreaming of.

After a long time thinking, Austeria realized that she can do much more than this. Austeria was seeing the land and said: “I wish that I could get 
close to this land”. She wasn’t stupid, at that point she knew that she was magic and with that wish, Austeria was no longer a spiritual presence. 
She took shape, with two arms and two legs, with head and eyes, with everything that we know about anatomy. With that, Austeria began walking 
through the land that she created, Austeria was the owner of all that.

But she wasn’t completly happy. Yes, there was land and water but also there was loneliness. Austeria said: “Beautiful and perfect is my creation, 
but what’s the point of life if there is no other person to see it?”. And with that, from all parts of the land, people was being formed.

People started to grow and Austeria gave them intelligence so they can know how to communicate, protect, build, study and fight.

Austeria wasn’t alone, she was finally happy.

Chapter 2 - Danthos wants power
Ninety years has passed and people from all over the land, now called Lor, was worshiping Austeria, the goddess of the Creation. She created animals,
races, plants, trees, ecosystems, everything so people could live and eat. People created cities, villages, farms, castles and much more.

Everything was perfect, Austeria even trained Danthos, an ordinary guy, with the mystic arts so he could help her create, protect and maintain Lor.


There was one thing that Austeria didn’t knew. Her powers were incredible but she was created able to control it without a problem, but Danthos weren’t.

The power consumed his soul, Austeria should have realized this, but Danthos was becoming powerful and with his powers, he was able to block Austeria
from knowing his deepest feelings. He had learned spells of creation, attack, block, control, poison and much more, he even created some of those.

In secret, he started to create a master spell that could create lots of monster of different types and infest Lor completely with them. This master spell was 
also able to create a whole new land, with darker, danger ecosystems, with destruction from everywhere and his own Fortress. This master spell named 
The Call of Destruction would also give people a whole new feelings: anger and bloodlust. Death didn’t existed, but this spell would create it.

Danthos was just waiting for the right time to use it.

Chapter 3 - The Call of Destruction
Austeria gathered everyone from Lor to a huge celebration of the hundred years since the creation.

Everybody was at the huge Austeria’s sanctuary square and she was on a stage talking about the creation, how she did it, how it was. Behind her, sited on 
a chair next to Austeria’s throne, was Danthos. He knew that it was the perfect moment to release his master spell: The Call of Destruction.

Danthos stood up and started walking to Austeria with a face of evil. People started to see this and tell the goddess that something was wrong with him. 
Austeria turned to see Danthos, but the minute she saw his eyes, he smiled and with a body control spell, thrown Austeria away. People were screaming, 
feeling the fear for the very first time and then Danthos with a pass of magic, took away everyone voices and petrified them.

He yield: “Fool people, you’ve been worshiping this goddess why? She keeps everyone as puppets. Now, Austeria, see my true power! THE CALL OF DESTRUCTION”. 
Danthos placed his hands on the ground and a enormous dark aura began to cover the sky. People were starting to feel weird, some others began to attack each 
other. Austerias’s disciple was laughing at the crowd. Creatures, monsters began to form just like the newly land that the spell created. This land is called Mort.

Austeria recovered her strength, stood up and began to stare Danthos. She put her fingers on the mouth, forming a circle around it and blow so strong, that 
Danthos was thrown so far that no one could see him. She said: “Don’t worry, I’ll protect you all!” and then everyone’s head was filled with Danthos voice 
saying: “If you believe in me, if you agree with me, then come to Mort. You know the way, just follow the darkness in your heart”.

Some people started to walk in the direction that Danthos was thrown and Austeria’s heart broke. She was sad again, but much more than she was before. Some
 people started to run to their houses, some others started crying, some were screaming and some following the dark wizard.

Chapter 4 - The battle for Lor (coming soon)

Progression in game
As a player, you will start at the AD Training Camp (it will soon be explained in the story) and begin your journey as a Quoted
Why Quoted as a class? Well, it’s like an apprentice. You are Quoted for a vacancy in the AD Patrol to battle evil. When you get your certificate of conclusion, you will be able to choose a weapon mastery. You can be more than just a Warrior, Mage, Archer, etc… With this, you will be able to “create your own class” that matches your play style. After that, you are ready to start your journey.

If you don’t got your certificate of conclusion, it means that you failed and are no longer Quoted, but a Villager. You will have a chance to become Quoted again by proving your value doing a series of tasks. The AD Patrol doesn’t want a unprepared person to go to battle and die so easily.

Are you unsatisfied that you failed? If you want, you can go to Mort and do a series of quests that by the end will make you a Deserter and fight for Danthos.

In the game, you will be able to choose, besides the first weapon that you became master, another weapon in Lv50, thus initiating yhe creation of your play style.
On the Lv100, you can go after the legendary Meta Weapons and become a master of it as well. These are weapons that you can achieve depending on the mastering mix you chose at the beginning and the Lv50.
In adittion to having the required level, you will have to do a huge series of very difficult missions to release a Meta Weapon.
In case you get the second mastery a weapon of the same type of your first, you will not be able to get a Meta Weapon, at least for now.

Each weapon will provide you with a unique battle style and unique skills.

Weapons to Master
There are three types of weapon: melee, ranged and magic. And we can’t forget about the MW.

**  Melee**

  • Sword
  • Dagger
  • Axe
  • Warhammer


  • Bow
  • Tools (Shuriken, Kunai, knives)
  • Gun
  • Slingshot (there will be some different slingshots xD)


  • Wand
  • Staff
  • Book
  • Orb

Meta Weapons

  • Scythe (Melee + Magic)
  • Spear (Ranged + Melee)
  • Magic Bombs (Ranged + Magic)

**>! First screenshot

! Paperdoll

! Some tiles in progress

Contact me if you have any interest on making Austeria with me.
**I’ll be posting updates on this topic, such as pixel art, systems, screenshots and more xD


Not paid xD***

[PATCH NOTES - 18/07/2017]

Hey, guys!

On this patch notes we have some nice things.


  • Weapon Masteries
  • Statue System
  • More pixel art

As you can see in the gif below, we have a tree now xD I know, it’s not much, but I like it. As you can see, the tree need some more work, I still need to do the leaves, but as I said before, I’m not good with textures, but yeah…
Also the whole equipments will be paperdolled, as you can see in the gif below. This is just a preview, but I have some more already done here.

I need to finish tiles for the AD Camp. Already have a scratch in paper showing how I’m building it, but I need tiles and as I said, I’m not good with textures at all.
I still need a pixel artist and a programmer to help me, so if anyone wants to join, PM me and we’ll talk.

See you on the next patch notes xD

[DEVELOPMENT DIARY- 20/07/2017 - x0002]

Hey guys!

The second patch notes is in the air, haha! I’ll now call it Development Diary.
In this, I don’t have many things, I’ll just give you all a preview of how some tiles are looking (just a few xD). Some systems I’m leaving to later, because I believe that make the pixel art of a whole game is more hardwork, so I’m focusing on this, haha.

+ New logo (actually a real logo, haha. @Necrophagus did it for me, thank you!)

+ Statue System (it will be explained in the story)

+ tileset for AD Patrol Camp
+ Items and equipments that will be used on those maps
+ Forums

I pixel in a progressive way. Even if I have a great ideia for something really nice to pixel, I don’t do it immediately so I don’t lose the focos on what has to be done, for that matter, I’m doing this way and I’ll call this way as PAP (Progressive Pixel Art). Everytime I write PAP next to a pixel art, you will know that reffers to this, based on the player’s evolution and story.

For some reason, Eclipse resize the graphics file such as pixel arts for tileset, character and items and make them even smaller. If you see the screenshot of the tileset in it’'s original size on any website or software, you can see the texture’s details and everything else, but in Eclipse you can’t. Therefore, it may seems that the roof has no textura, but it has xD

I have the project of the website here on my machine, but I haven’t deployed to a server, I need to find one that supports python. For now, I’m organizing the official game forums. I’m very thankful to this Eclipse Engine community for giving me support on making games and giving me this great way of communication and propagation. I won’t stop posting the updates here, but I’ll also post them on official forums.

In the next Development Diary, I’ll post the link to you guys can register if you want to.

Screenshot of some tiles on making (not all of them):

I’m still needing a pixel artist and a programmer to help me, I’m making it alone. So if anyone wants to join me, send me a PM and we’ll talk. If there is a designer that wants to join the project, you will be welcome too xD


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