Change Log

[Added Features]
–----------------- 01-Jul-17 -------------------
Added /afk and /back commands.

------------------- 2-Jul-17 -------------------
Added tutorial on first game enter.
Added online list and /onlinelst command.
Added /sendbug command.

------------------- 03-Jul-17 -------------------
Created server time packet.

------------------- 05-Jul-17 -------------------
Added version check.

------------------- 06-Jul-17 -------------------
Added web browser.
Credits will link now instantly at the web browser.
Also Home button will open the game’s website.

------------------- 07-Jul-17 -------------------
Created the game’s updater.

------------------- 08-Jul-17 -------------------
Changed respawn settings (for players and admins).
Now every time the player moves his x,y,map are being saved to avoid position loss in case of problems.

------------------- 09-Jul-17 -------------------
Finished Alpha maps.

------------------- 10-Jul-17 -------------------
Finished Animations, now only balance and drops are left.

------------------- 11-Jul-17 -------------------
Added names at the maps.
Added music at the maps.

------------------- 12-Jul-17 -------------------
Finished with balance. Drops are left now.
When the game will be released the players will be able to play for the first map, then they will have to pay to get access to whole game (1 payment only!), so anyone can check the game a little and which class to choose before buying it. Ofcourse Alpha test will be an open test!
Added /time command and bug reporter NPC.

------------------- 15-Jul-17 -------------------
Added more maps.
Saved player’s previous x,y in the database.

------------------- 16-Jul-17 -------------------
Added Email for account.
Added Email manager.
Added Add Email panel on first login and when the email is missing (not added) on login.
Added Password manager.
In general added account manager NPC.

------------------- 24-Jul-17 -------------------
Added Return Back skill to return to crosswell village.

------------------- 27-Jul-17 -------------------
Now GMs will be invisible when they enter the game, also an announcement with the Admin name will be made.
Gave the ability to give Paid Access to players only by the administrators.
Added a new NPC “Old Villager”, that gives info about hidden ways to go to next maps.

------------------- 29-Jul-17 -------------------
Added Warp To skill type.
Added Survival map type.

------------------- 31-Jul-17 -------------------
Started with the development of Mini Event System.

[Fixed Bugs]
–----------------- 2-Jul-17 -------------------
Fixed ingame credits.

------------------- 10-Jul-17 -------------------
Fixed pick up and projectiles bugs.

------------------- 11-Jul-17 -------------------
Fixed some paperdolls’ bugs.

------------------- 14-Jul-17 -------------------
Fixed a bug that caused client crash when changing map.

------------------- 18-Jul-17 -------------------
Fixed a bug that was moving the character when moving.
Fixed web browser navigation.

------------------- 24-Jul-17 -------------------
Fixed a bug that was causing server to crash, when changing map.
Edited the maps in order to look better.

------------------- 27-Jul-17 -------------------
Fixed the rest Alpha maps.

I’m glad you made a changelog, but I suggest basing the layout off ER’s to make it more readable 🙂

i will make for each day 1 different post i nthbe topic

I meant have lines in between the dates, make the dates easier to read, etc.

ah yes sry my bad i justr coppy pasted from forum 😛


Added more maps

What game is this change log for? I’m interested.

its called isolated paradise, here can be found more info: also the website:

topic updated

topic updated

topic updated

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topic updated

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