Multiple worlds idea

not sure if this is possible but I have been doing some thinking about only being allowed 70 players. is there a way we can have multiple worlds and 70 players on each world? so like if one world is full players can choose another world

It’s possible, you can also have the servers talk to each other (so multiple servers acting as one sort of thing), nut it just takes quite a bit of code rewrite.

Also, you can increase the maximum players, each player doesn’t add too much to the server load.

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thanks for the answers, both are great thoughts, maybe one of my scripting friends can help me out here because I am estimating quite a huge amount of players on my game since it is not your typical 2D rpg. this might even be a thought for player housing and such, have that on seperate servers

you can add instances, the same world different npc, players (like world in 4story or dungeons in l2) you will just have to write the world script again and then u will be adding just as many world you want, also you can add more players just by chaning the max players, for example ive set it to 100

The question was asked as a way to increase the players online, not so much the instancing lol, but more answers always help

ah my bad then 😛

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