Realm Of Faith (WIP)

Realm Of Faith is christian faith based MMO being built using intersect, atleast for now until Atlas is released.

A little about the game…

There will be Bible based quests, activities and trivia. Everything in the game will be based off the New Testament. When first logging in there is a little tutorial teaching you how to do different things in the game and then you are on your own to do the quests which will start out with Christ being born. The story line will follow completely The New Testament beginning to end.
You will be able to craft for yourself different items to help you out in your adventures, weapons, armor, bandages, inventory bags and running scrolls as well as teleport scrolls. There is also fishing and hunting although you will not find these as skills but just extra activities.

As you explore the lands of Realm Of Faith you will find random Bible trading cards, one for each book of the Bible, once you collect all 66 trading cards you can trade them in for a REAL WORLD deck of Bible trading cards. If you collect the 66 trading cards all over again you have the option for trading them in for selective in-game items including free membership.

Now for the juicy part…
If you decide to support the game and become a paying member you will have chances to win REAL WORLD PRIZES as random enemy drops. Exciting right? These prizes will range in value from $5.00 all the way up to $50.00 or more!!! On occasion you may win a REAL WORLD PRIZE from random events and activities. Please Note that winning a real world prize is not guaranteed and by paying to be a member you are NOT paying to win prizes as that is completely random and not 100% guaranteed that you would find a prize

Please visit Realm Of Faith website to keep up with daily progress as well as download and play the game starting NOW!
The game is small right now but will be growing daily.

Before that I download your game , do you have any screenshots ? I can’t see any in your site or even here

Ill check it out 🙂

I will be adding screenshots soon. Added trading card game.

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@solidlink thats just a picture of the first 15 cards but I felt I explained it pretty good. Anything else you want to know about it?

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@solidlink yes the trading card game is a part of the game, different enemies you kill as well as different activities you do can drop a single trading card and you must collect them all to get rewarded and there will be 66 cards in total

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